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The Academy Membership is a safe environment to ask the toughest questions and get honest answers and differing perspectives. 

There are dozens of active group members ready to pitch in and offer feedback and who may have been in the same situation as you at some point in their creator or entrepreneurial journey.

Some of the things we tackle are:

  • How to execute a multi-platform strategy for your content
  • How to price your brand deals and sponsored post
  • How to manage your community and engagement across platforms
  • How to overcome self-doubt and crippling imposter syndrome
Roberto Blake - Awesome Creator Academy Membership

Access to the Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Brand and Business

Awesome Creator Academy Gives you the resources to thrive and build your brand and business as a content creator.

You will have access to Coaches Roberto Blake and Andy Rivera who both have years of experience in content creation and entrepreneurship but strong professional backgrounds and industry insights.

You will also be part of community of other creators who can offer different perspective and candid constructive criticism to help you improve in any area that you find yourself challenged by.

Here are some of the Academy's Benefits:

  • 80+ Hours of Video Training
  • 2x Weekly LIVE Office Hours (Tues & Thurs)
  • Private Q&A Sessions 
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Exclusive Download Templates
  • Exclusive Workbooks & Resources
  • Accountability and Constructive Criticism/ Feedback
  • Business Networking Opportunities
  • Creator Highlights

Academy Membership 

Get Structure, Support, Strategy and Systems Behind Your Online Brand and Business

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The Complete P4 System for Content Creators 

The P4 System was something we developed in Awesome Creator Academy to help Creators focus on specific goals and priorities for improving and growing their brand and online business. This System is straight-forward but the details for each creator and niche are important. 


Learn to build a proper content strategy and stop struggling to know what content to create by building your own "Unlimited Content Engine"

You'll also learn how to make you value proposition clear so your views are more consistent.


Quality Content gets your more engagement, subscribers, and retention on video content.

Quality is the experience the viewer has when they interact with your content and is improved through: Storytelling, Structure and Style.


Your content is only as good as it's packaging as far as the viewers are concerned. 

Packaging your content properly  and Publishing it based on data driven decisions in analytics can make or break your channel on YouTube and make all the difference. 


A successful channel is a channel that can support you financially and not be a constant source of stress and anxiety.

We teach creators to properly promote and monetize their channel with both On Platform Strategies like optimizing for better Ad Revenue and Sponsorships, but also Off Platform Strategies like Membership Websites and Digital Products.

What Is In the Academy Archives?

We have over 80 Hours of training material with themes based on request from our members. This is not just "how to grow a YouTube Channel but we discuss building your Personal Brand, Building Products, Hiring Freelancers within your Brand and Business, as well as multiple platforms and negotiating influencer brand deals.

Academy Membership 

Get Structure, Support, Strategy and Systems Behind Your Online Brand and Business

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