Brand Deals Starter Kit 

Templates and Resources for Creators to Price, Pitch and Package Sponsored Content!

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 Earn More From Sponsored Content  

Media Kit Templates, Email Swipe Files, Sponsors Master List, Pricing Guides, and More.

Get the Brand Deals Starter Kit Now!

Price, Pitch, and Package Your Brand Deals! 

We've provided you with the tools you need to be successful in working with Brands on Paid Influencer Marketing Campaigns: 

  • 100x Sponsor Master List
  • 12x Email Templates Swipe Files
  • 3x Customizable Media Kit Templates
  • Influencer Brand Deals Pricing Guide
  • Brand Safety Guidelines Checklist
  • Sponsored Disclosure Guidelines
  • List of Brand Deal Managers¬†
  • Sponsored Content Checklist
  • UGC Creator Playbook
  • And much more!


We've created a Master List for You with over 100x Brands that Work with Influencers Across Various Social Media Platforms.

This is not a list that you can "find for free" consolidated and curated into one place anywhere on the internet.

We also help you find brand deal marketplaces for sponsored content so that you can work with even more brands, and list some of the talent agencies that help influencers work directly with premium sponsors.

Media Kit Templates 

Why Do You Need a Media Kit?
You may think the largest creators don't use a media kit, but the truth is they just don't make their media kit public for their competition to see. 

By using these Media Kits you can stand out in your niche when working with brands and present in a more professional way.

  • Professionally Designed Templates
  • 3x Fully Customizable PSD Templates
  • Files Can Be Edited FREE Using Adobe Express¬†
  • Lifetime Access to All New Templates¬†

Email Swipe Files 

Reaching out to potential Brands for Sponsorship is something most Creators and Influencers Struggle with.

We've done the work for you with these Email Swipe Files. By using these outreach templates you have a starting point for your outreach and can modify them to suit your needs.

There are roughly a dozen Swipe Files to choose from and you will get access to any additional Email Swipe Files in  the future.


Start Earning More with Brand Deals

Nearly a Dozen resources for Creators to help them earn from Brand Deals through Pricing Properly, Pitching Brands and Packaging Sponsored Content for Recurring Brand Deals.

Get the Brand Deals Starter Kit Now!

Roberto Blake
Creator Economy Educator

Roberto Blake has created over 1600 YouTube Videos and done over 2000 Live Streams and is considered one of the top Video Marketing Influencers, featured by Forbes & Black Enterprise.

Roberto is a Keynote Speaker and featured at events like VidCon, Vidsummit, and Social Media Marketing World. He has built a 6-Figure Business via Affiliate Marketing.

Roberto and his team at Create Awesome Media have built a powerful education business that helps content creators grow their brand and build their own businesses (Awesome Creator Academy) and work as a media company specializing in education-based content.

On his personal YouTube channel where Roberto educates aspiring creative pros and entrepreneurs, he has gained over 590,000 Subscribers and 40 Million Video Views.

Roberto and his team have a "North Star" of building the Creator Economy and growing 1,000 people to $100,000 a year incomes from their creative work, each and every year.

Roberto Blake is from Brooklyn New York, and currently lives in Atlanta Georgia where he runs his creative business.