ChatGPT AI Creator Prompts 

Over 200+ ChatGPT AI Prompt Templates Custom Made for Creators!

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AI Doesn't Replace Creators...

Most Creators are confused about AI Tools like ChatGPT and its role in helping you with your content creation and marketing tasks.

CREATOR PROMPTS is a bundle of over 200+ Prompts Made with Creators in Mind to help reduce boring and repetitive tasks that take away from creativity.


Stop Wasting Time!
Jump Start Your Productivity 

We've provided you with the tools to increase your productivity and take advantage of AI and Automation! 

  • List of 200+ Creator Prompts for ChatGPT
  • Advanced Prompts for ChatGPT 4.0
  • Custom Crafted for Content Creators
  • Organized Sections for¬†Productivity,¬†Creative, and Marketing Tasks
  • Lifetime Product Access
  • Lifetime Updates to the Product

Create Own AI Assistant(s) for Productivity 

Time is the most valuable asset to any Creator and with Creator Prompts you will get back the time you need to focus on what matters CREATIVITY!


Roberto Blake
Creator Economy Educator

Roberto Blake has created over 1600 YouTube Videos and done over 2000+ Hours of Live Streams and is considered one of the top Video Marketing Influencers, featured by Forbes & Black Enterprise.

Roberto is a Keynote Speaker and has been featured at events like VidCon, Vidsummit, and Social Media Marketing World. He has built a 6-Figure Business via Affiliate Marketing.

Roberto and his team at Create Awesome Media have built a powerful education business that helps content creators grow their brand and build their own businesses (Awesome Creator Academy) and work as a media company specializing in education-based content.

On his personal YouTube channel, where Roberto educates aspiring creative pros and entrepreneurs, he has gained over 500,000 Subscribers and 38 Million Video Views.

Roberto and his team have a "North Star" of building the Creator Economy and growing 1,000 people to $100,000 a year incomes from their creative work each and every year.

Roberto Blake is from Brooklyn, New York, and currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, where he runs his creative business.