10 YouTube Mistakes That Will Get Your YouTube Channel Deleted Forever

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Having a YouTube channel terminated or deleted is typically the result of violations of YouTube's Terms of Service or Community Guidelines. Many creators break and violate these rules without realizing it and it can be very frustrating to lose your channel.

If your channel is deleted then all videos, playlists, and comments you've posted on your channel will be permanently removed. Unless you have backups of your videos, they might be lost forever.

All historical data, analytics, and insights about your videos and your audience will be lost.

Depending on the severity of the violation that led to the channel deletion, YouTube might permanently ban you from creating new channels or using the platform.

Here are ten things that can lead to the deletion of your YouTube channel:

1. Copyright Infringement- Repeatedly uploading content that you don't have rights to can lead to copyright strikes. If you receive three copyright strikes, your channel can be terminated.

2. Community Guidelines Violations- Posting content that violates YouTube's Community Guidelines, such as hate speech, harassment, or dangerous challenges, can result in strikes. Accumulate enough strikes, and your channel may be deleted.

3. Spam and Deceptive Practices Using misleading metadata, clickbait titles, or spammy descriptions to mislead viewers can lead to channel termination.

4. Impersonation- Creating a channel that deliberately tries to look like someone else's channel or impersonates another user or entity can lead to deletion.

5. Child Safety Violations- Uploading content that endangers minors, exploits them, or exposes them to inappropriate situations can lead to immediate channel termination.

6. Promotion of Harmful or Dangerous Activities- Content that promotes harmful activities like drug abuse, eating disorders, or self-harm can result in channel termination.

7. Sale of Regulated Goods- Using YouTube to promote or sell regulated or illegal goods, such as drugs, alcohol, or firearms without appropriate restrictions and context, can lead to a channel being taken down.

8. Nudity and Sexual Content- While YouTube allows some forms of artistic or educational nudity, explicit sexual content or gratuitous nudity can result in channel termination.

9. Threats and Incitement- Content that incites violence or makes specific threats against individuals or groups can lead to immediate channel termination.

10. Reusing Content- YouTube's reuse policy targets channels that repurpose someone else's content without adding significant original commentary or educational value. Channels that violate this policy may be demonetized, and severe violations can lead to termination.

Source: YouTube Terms of Service and Community Guidelines


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