10 Ways to Grow a YouTube Channel Fast in 2020

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10 Ways to Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast in 2020. If you're trying to grow a YouTube Channel in 2020 and are frustrated because you're not getting views or gaining subscribers, this video has 10 tips for growing your YouTube channel with proven YouTube Strategies from Successful YouTube Channels that grow by tapping into the culture and what viewers want to watch.

In this video we cover 10 specific YouTube Strategies that can help your channel grow faster and help you build the audience you've been fantasizing about.

None of it is going to be overnight success but it is going to go faster that what you've already been doing on your own.

  1. How to Use Reddit to Get Viral Video Ideas
  2. Use News and Current Events to Get Fast Views
  3. Being Early and First Mover Advantage
  4. Use Other Social Media to Grow on YouTube Fast
  5. Stack a TON of Search Content in a Growing Niche
  6. The MrBeast Strategy For Blowing Up on YouTube
  7. Become a Lifestyle Channel within a Culture
  8. Get More Views from High Search/ Low Competition
  9. Niche Down, Standout, Step Up, Blow Up
  10. Put the Audience First and Make What They Care About

What many content creators take for granted is that YouTube just like any sport, or any discipline requires you to be able to not only work hard, but effectively by being focused on the right things and being consistent.

Most YouTube creators struggle to grow due to a lack of focus, a lack of consistency and a lack of patience/motivation. YouTube and being successful on YouTube long term is about the ability to withstand delayed gratification, and it is an ability that is lacking in most people which is why most people do not ultimately succeed.

One of the other factors is that most YouTubers don't learn until much later, that their favorite and most successful content creators they look up to and admire, found a way to make things they enjoy while putting the audience first.

PUT THE AUDIENCE FIRST is the foundation of nearly every monumental rise in YouTube, its not down to simple luck or going viral. Getting attention is not the same as keeping attention. And the work ethic and ability to take risk and the devotion to the audience is overlooked in favor of luck and virality when Small YouTubers talk about the success of Big YouTubers because if it's "luck" then there is an excuse or they can blame the algorithm.

If you are making content so good and too good ignore, and the people are searching for your name, or the name of your video, then it's not the algorithm.

If people love your content so much they are coming to your page everyday to watch your old content, or see if there is something new, its not the algorithm. 

If you are making content that people want to share with their friends every time you upload because of specific moment you created, then its not the algorithm.

MAKE CONTENT THAT IS TOO GOOD TO IGNORE and you won't feel like you are at the mercy of the YouTube Algorithm.

BUILD A RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR VIEWERS to the point where they are working for your success and pushing your content, and you won't have to blame the algorithm.


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