How To Get Your First 1000 Subscribers on YouTube

1000 subscribers creators grow a youtube channel how to grow on youtube youtube youtubers Aug 25, 2020

1000 Subscribers is an important YouTube Milestone and allows you to unlock several key YouTube Features and helps you qualify for YouTube Monetization so you can start earning YouTube Advertising Revenue for your views.

Today we will discuss How to Get Your First 1000 Subscribers.

If you want to get more subscribers on YouTube or are trying to grow a YouTube channel and get your First 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time, you need to know what makes someone subscribe to a YouTube channel and how to get more views that will actually convert to subscribers for your channel.

This means knowing what makes someone not only click on a video, but decide to become a subscriber and commit to your content.

You Need Views First and Subscribers Second

In order to get subscribers people would have to actually watch your content, enjoy it, and then want to see more content like that in the future.

That is the commitment to becoming a subscriber. We only subscribe to content and creators we enjoy and respect and want to see more of and support. So you have to get the initial clicks on your content, and you have to have enough SIMILAR CONTENT so that people know what they are signing up for.

This creates some of the first barriers to subscribers:

  • Not making consistent content on the same topics
  • Not having ENOUGH content to subscribe for
  • Not having a consistent upload schedule and being reliable
  • Not making content people want to watch w/o knowing you

Early we talked about the fact that you need views in order to get subscribers. Nothing on YouTube happens without getting the view first. Which means putting the viewer first. One of the reasons that creators don't get views is frankly they are not making what viewers want, or not packaging it in a way that viewers understand.

While there is a lot involved in getting views on YouTube there are some basic things that keep viewers from clicking on a video:

  • Not interested in the TOPIC
  • Lack of a compelling THUMBNAIL
  • Lack of a compelling TITLE 
  • Title and Thumbnail not targeting viewer DESIRES or NEEDS or INTEREST
  • Title and Thumbnail don't communicate clearly

This is basically a way of saying that you're not making videos people are interested in and would click on if they don't know you, and then even if you are, that maybe you're not making EFFECTIVE titles and thumbnails.


Making quality content matters, but nobody will get the chance to see it if they don't click on your videos in the first place. And people will only click on videos where they feel the effort has been put in and where their interest lie, and your TITLE and THUMBNAIL are the only opportunity you get to communicate that to them.


If you're not getting people to subscribe a lot of it has to do with the delivery of the content and your personality. You can't control the simple fact that not everyone will like you or like the style of your content. You can make improvements along the way and obviously good video and audio quality help a TON.

The main thing is to put all your energy into making a good experience for the viewer and making the best experience possible for them in each video you upload.

Remember that if you want people to commit to you, then you have to show you're committed to them and giving them good content first.

Put the viewer first.


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