adsense content creators monetization youtube youtubers Jul 15, 2020

Huge YouTube Monetization Policy Change for 2020! Starting Late July YouTube Monetization for Mid Roll Ads will Include videos 8 Mins or longer. This has other changes to YouTube Ad Revenue and Monetization Creators should be aware of.

YouTube Adsense Revenue is how the majority of content creators earn money on YouTube. Your videos are eligible for YouTube Monetization by joining the YouTube Partner Program if you're approved at 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Hours of Watch Time on Public Videos.

By placing YouTube ads on your videos you earn a portion of the profits from those monetized views. By being allowed to place Mid Roll Ads you can earn additional YouTube Ad Revenue when viewers see those ad placements in a video. Starting in late July, videos longer than 8 minutes will be eligible for mid-roll ads.

As part of this change, mid-roll ads will be turned on for all eligible existing videos and future video uploads, including those videos where you may have previously opted out of mid-roll ads. Videos that already have mid-roll ads turned on will not be impacted. Mid-roll ads will be automatically placed at natural breaks in your videos to balance viewer experience and monetization potential for you.

After these changes, you will still be able to turn mid-rolls off or adjust the placement in each video manually.

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