5 Benefits of Mentoring and Masterminds

masterminds membership group mentoring mentors mentorship Feb 07, 2018

Mentoring and Mastermind groups can have several huge advantages. But many people are skeptical about taking this approach or investing in it. The unseen benefits of getting feedback and constructive criticism however can be tremendous for your brand and business.

1. Learning How to Take Constructive Criticism and Use It to Grow

Part of being mentored means that you're subjecting yourself to review, either by your mentor, your peers or both. While this can seem intimidating, it is going to prepare you for outside feedback, since you can trust that these people are invested in making you successful, where others might not be.

Learning to identify constructive criticism, receive it well, and implement it in a meaningful way, is the true value that you get when you stop working in isolation. As a mentee, you'd also learn how to present your work and how to speak up for yourself and communicate your value to others.

2. Your Network is Your Net-worth

Being in a mastermind or mentoring group means that you are part of a network, and as any successful person will tell you "network is net-worth". Who you know is often more important than what you know. Having the ability to learn from others is valuable, but the connections they can make for you in terms of introductions and referrals can directly impact your business and career.

When choosing to be part of a community, it's not just about the caliber of the leadership, but understanding the peer group you will belong to and having a plan for leveraging that collective power.

3. Build Confidence and Accountability

Working in isolation breeds a sense of uncertainty about your own ideas, as well as a lack of accountability to completing tasks or setting up good habits. 

When you're part of a community you have accountability partners when you need them and that helps you develop confidence when you have people you trust and confide in. When you can bounce ideas off of others and have them stimulate your creativity, that's when you'll see true growth.

4. Benefiting from Experience and a Guide

The most intimidating thing in the world is that which is unknown. When you're starting something for the first time, it's a huge leap of faith. Having a mentor who has been through this before and can warn you of pitfalls or offer some form of reassurance is comforting and practical. This is especially true if you're about to make a financial commitment to equipment or staff or overhead.

Mentors from afar are great but having access to someone you can ask questions to directly is completely different. It's great to get the context that applies directly to you and your specific circumstances.

5. Encouragement

Something that almost nobody talks about is the encouragement and acceptance that being part of a group brings and being acknowledged by people you respect, especially someone you consider to be a mentor. 

When the difficult challenges show up, and the will, having that support system matters even more than the accountability and feedback. Success rarely thrives in isolation, and even if it does it can feel like a burden.

When you share what you love and what you're building with other people who can appreciate it, you find that the fear and anxiety you have concern your confidence and sense of value is alleviated and that you feel more secure.


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