Creative success is not one size fits all

articles creativity education success Jan 13, 2017

Challenging the Way We Educate Creatives

One of the challenges of traditional education is that it very much operates in a fashion that neglects creatives. Academia doesn't outline what a successful career path for creatives might look like, but it does provide this for other fields and interest. Creatives are left to forge their own path, and some have the ability and intuition to do so. However, there are many more who suffer from a lack of guidance and structure around growing their creativity, honining their technical skills, and providing them practical information about the job and career market or becoming entrepreneurs. 

Trade Schools and Art Schools do provide these much-needed resources and instruction to creatives, but it's not always enough, and it may not be accessible to everyone. It will become necessary to provide more avenues for creatives to successfully pursue their goals if we desire to help them reach their potential.