How Many YouTube Channels Have 10 Million Subscribers?

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YouTube Channels with 10 Million Subscribers receive a Diamond YouTube Play Button Award from YouTube and are considered some of the rarest channels on YouTube in the world. 10 Million YouTube Subscribers is typically a milestone held by those with celebrity status such as MrBeast, Lily Singh and Jimmy Fallon.

How Many YouTube Channels in the World Have 10 Million Subscribers?

As of January 2024 there roughly 1802 YouTube Channels with 10 Million Subscribers in the World.

There are roughly 501 YouTube Channels with 10 Million Subscribers in the United States, and there are roughly 379 YouTube Channels with 10 Million Subscribers in India, the country with the largest amount of overall YouTube Play Buttons.

Brazil has the third largest number of YouTube Channels with 10 Million Subscribers with 112 Channels with Diamond Play Buttons.

The largest categories among YouTube Channels with 10 Million Subscribers are Entertainment (582), People and Blogs (235), and Music (291).

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While it's extremely rare for channel to get 10M Subscribers there is still plenty of opportunity on YouTube and your goal should be building an audience that is loyal and will support you. If you can manage to even get 1000 views on a video you would be doing better than 88% of all the videos uploaded to YouTube, less than 1% of Channels even get 100,000 views on a video uploaded.

You can successfully monetize a YouTube channel and become a full-time Creator with less than 100,000 Subscribers (even though that is the ideal balance of reach, reputation and revenue as long as you are also earning $50,000 to $100,000 per year.

Break Down of YouTube By Subscriber Counts

Subscriber Count Number of Channels
100 million or more 9
50 million or more 40
10 million or more 1,800
1 million or more 55,000
100,000 or more 450,000
10,000 or more 2,000,000
1,000 or more 10,000,000
100 or more 28,000,000
0 or more 110,000,000

 **Most Data Updated Data Based on January 2024

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