Grow Your Reach, Reputation and Revenue with YouTube.


Content Strategy 

Help Crafting a Content Strategy to Grow Your Channel and Increase Your YouTube Revenue

Planning and Production

An Action Plan for A Better Workflow that Saves Time & Increases Productivity


Learn How You Can Diversify Your YouTube Income and Increase Your Revenue Streams

Content Quality

Get Valuable Feedback on How to Improve the Quality of Your Content and Viewer Experience for Better Retention and Watch Time

Audience Growth

Learn How You Can Get More Subscribers on YouTube and Keep Your Audience Engaged While Reaching New Viewers.

YouTube Analytics

Understand Your YouTube Analytics and How to Make Data Driven Decisions that Grow a Successful YouTube Channel


Growing a YouTube Channel is much like a sport, and great performers come from great coaching. Roberto focuses on Realistic and Actionable Advice, rooted in Creating Value for the Viewer, Working Smarter Not Just Harder, and Focusing on the Right Things in the Right Order.

This why ALL YouTube Coaching Clients get Lifetime Access to the DIY YouTube Training Dashboard so they can always focus on the fundamentals.

During this call we can review your Content Strategy, Discuss Brand Deals and Sponsors or Review Your YouTube Analytics and find areas that demand improvement.


What To Expect on Your Coaching Call

Working with a coach is typically for the sake of objectivity and to help you better understand barriers to your desired goals and success.

On our YouTube Channel Review call we will focus on your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Typically by understanding where improvement can be made at the core of the viewer experience, and clarity on the value of the content, Creators can grow and achieve their goals.

Can You Help With Brand Deals and Monetization?

Roberto specializes in Monetization, Branding, and Content Strategy specifically when it comes to helping YouTube Creators. He has worked with hundreds of creators when it comes to monetization.

If you need help with increasing revenue, understanding how to negotiate brand deals, or price and package your sponsored content, then Roberto can help you with those issues during your channel review session.

Your Creator Coach Roberto Blake

Roberto offers personal coaching directly with content creators, solo entrepreneurs, and small business owners. 

He has worked with hundreds of clients over the years to help them improve their processes, manage their time, increase traffic, or expand into new revenue streams that directly grow their businesses.

If you want an analytic deep dive, and take some of the frustration and friction out of your work, this is a great opportunity. 

Roberto Blake has created over 1600 YouTube Videos and done over 2000 Live Streams and is considered one of the top Video Marketing Influencers, featured by Forbes & Black Enterprise.

Roberto is a Keynote Speaker and featured at events like VidCon, Vidsummit, and Social Media Marketing World. He has built a 6-Figure Business via Affiliate Marketing.

On his personal YouTube channel where Roberto educates aspiring creative pros and entrepreneurs, he has gained over 500,000 Subscribers and 40 Million Video Views.

Roberto and his team have a "North Star" of building the Creator Economy and growing 1,000 people to $100,000 a year incomes from their creative work, each and every year.

Roberto Blake is from Brooklyn New York and currently lives in Atlanta Georgia where he runs his creative business. 

Dee Nimmin

Roberto understands Youtube and the business of being a Creator at the highest level. He’s amazing at identifying growth opportunities followed by an actionable content strategy. If you want to become a full time Creator or increase your business revenue and reach through online video, Roberto is your guy.

Lila from YouTube

I needed some guidance. Roberto is an expert in this field and his ability to give me personalised and actionable advice has helped me turn YouTube into a business. He is my trusted advisor and he should be yours too!

Elija Biel

I’m glad I decided to join Awesome Creator Academy. The information and direction I receive from Roberto regularly have literally paid off in more ways than one!

Paris Sumpter - LeSweetPea

I started YouTube in around 2011 and started taking it seriously in 2015. I was really looking to take my channel to the next level and looked to Roberto for guidance. After his channel review, I took all of his advice and applied and I’m currently at 130,000 followers. I definitely owe it to him for his amazing advice when I was just getting started. Thank you Roberto!

Andrew Kan  

When it comes to coaching in the industry, you want someone who is not only experienced but someone who will challenge you. Roberto Blake coaches his students, to help them realize their potential. Roberto's firm, but fair style helps creators recognize what skills they have to offer, to create content that not only performs but helps them move product.

Eric Robi - RevMatch

Roberto’s real-world experience has helped me develop a strategy for increasing my overall business revenue.
My YouTube channel growth has been very strong since we started working together and I’m transitioning now to full-time creator.




Top features

  • 30 Minute 1:1 Session with YouTube Coach 
  • Lifetime Access to DIY YouTube Training Dashboard
  • Actionable Advice Regarding Your Channel
  • Access to YouTube Monetization Masterclass
  • BONUS: Recording of Your Session