1:1 Business Coaching with Roberto Blake

Grow Your Brand and Business. Book a Strategy Session to help increase revenue, build a content strategy, improve workflow, and grow your audience.

Being able to work with you directly means that I get more context about your specific needs and the goals you are trying to accomplish.

My specialization is online business development, digital marketing, content strategy, and developing info-products.

Here are some of the challenges I help my coaching clients address:

  • Audience growth and engagement (YouTube)
  • Developing your video content strategy 
  • YouTube Analytics training and channel review/audit
  • Streamlining production workflow for content creation
  • Launching a new YouTube Channel or Podcast
  • Email Marketing and Email Automation Systems
  • Outsourcing and Hiring Freelancers
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization and Lead Generation
  • Establishing Sales and Marketing Funnels
  • Digital Product or Online Course Development 
  • Content Monetization Strategies 
  • Developing a Membership Site or Coaching Business
  • Career Development for Public Speakers

Who Is This 1-on-1 Coaching Designed For?
Private Coaching is not ideal for everyone, but it can be very effective for discipline individuals who feel stuck or have hit limitations and want to develop strategies for producing better results or addressing weaknesses in their brand or business.

Together we can do a deep dive into your process, and streamline it to be more effective and to enhance your overall productivity, or tackle areas of poor execution and put them in alignment with your goals.

Who Is a Candidate for Premium Coaching Level?

The Premium Coaching Package is intended for individuals who are ready to heavily invest in growing their business and brand. If you are playing for higher stakes and want to accelerate growth or streamline your processes because you're already losing thousands of dollars in opportunities, this is the level of investment that will best serve you so we can work at refining your processes and maximizing revenue.

These Coaching Packages and Resources Are Designed For:

  • YouTube Content Creators
  • Digital Entrepreneurs 
  • Podcasters 
  • Live Streaming/Live Video Creators 
  • Public Speakers
  • Coaches and Consultants
  • Social Media Marketers

1-on-1 Session Breakdown

  • Up To 90 Minute Zoom/Skype Session
  • Strategy and Planning Session or Training Session
  • Review of YouTube Channel, Website or Social Media Platforms
  • Review of YouTube Analytics or Social Media Data
  • Execution Strategy and Action Items from Session
  • Accountability 


  • Launched a Keynote Speaking Career from YouTube
  • Over $500,000 In Digital Sales from YouTube
  • Built a 12,000 Subscriber Email List from YouTube
  • Grew a Channel to Over 300,000 Subscribers
  • Over 25 Million YouTube Channel Views


Session Recording or Cliffontes
Access to Exclusive Resource Downloads and Documents