How to Use ChatGPT to Grow Your YouTube Channel

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Time is the most valuable resource any content creator has and if you leverage AI Tools like ChatGPT you can make the most of your time and increase your productivity. 

The AI Tools wave might just seem like it's overhyped, but that's because most people are only using these tools at a surface level or using them the same way they use Google Search. ChatGPT as just one example is much more powerful than that when you know how to use it.

Here are 7 Ways to Use ChatGPT to Grow Your YouTube Channel

  1. Use ChatGPT to improve the hooks for your YouTube intros. Most creators lose up to 30% of their audience in the first 15-30 seconds of the video. Stronger hooks with a more concise message can help with retention in the place you need it most.
  2. Use ChatGPT to help generate ideas for a 5+ video series around your most popular video idea that either brought you the most views or the most subscribers. 
  3. Use ChatGPT for VIDEO SEO and generate a longtail keyword list, then test these keywords in tools like Tubebuddy and use them to optimize search traffic around evergreen content.
  4. Use ChatGPT to help you output a content calendar for videos in your niche and to help develop a schedule for seasonal content. ChatGPT can also output this for you as a Table, and you could bring that into another program if you wanted to print it out as a reminder.
  5. Use ChatGPT to streamline your research on video topics. Yes, you will need to verify and check the facts that it gives you but this at least can serve as a starting point and make sure that you're on track, and you can ask it to cite sources by providing you links in the information it provides to ensure that it's correct.
  6. Use ChatGPT to edit your script and make it either more concise or use things like persuasive speech or active voice to make it more effective. Sometimes it's not what you say, it's how you say it, and addressing tonality can help with retention on your videos.
  7. Use ChatGPT to help script your YouTube Shorts. YouTube Shorts are one of the fastest ways to grow your channel and ChatGPT is ideal for scripting short-form content. 

Watch this Video on How to Grow Your YouTube Channel with ChatGPT

Remember that AI Tools are just that, tools, they are there to help you with your work rather than do everything for you. They should become your collaborators rather than your replacement. 

Use these tools to level the playing field when you feel that you are overworked and overwhelmed, and can't keep up with people who have teams or the ability to outsource.


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