Does Your YouTube Channel Need Help? YouTube Channel Reviews, What You Need to Know!

small youtubers youtube youtube tips Feb 16, 2018


We all need help sometimes and reaching out to someone we trust or respect to give us advice, can be the difference between success and failure.

When you reach out to any YouTube Educator that offers training, one the important things is to know what you want or expect to get out of the session or review. Not every creator has the same goals or same challenges with their channel, so it's important to be as specific as possible about what you want to achieve.

If you feel the free information on the internet is enough, and for many YouTube Creators it is, then you may not need a channel review or coaching. However, for some people, specific advice about their channel and only their channel, is what is going to help them move forward. If that sounds like you, then investing in outside help is practical.

Reasons YouTube Creators Invest in YouTube Reviews or Coaching

  • Increasing Channel Revenue
  • Improving YouTube Content Strategy
  • Changing Direction of Channel or Starting a New One
  • Making Sense of YouTube Analytics or Data
  • Increasing Audience Growth and Engagement
  • Free information, isn't specific enough for their situation

What Are You Dissatisfied With on Your Channel?

All YouTube Channels and YouTubers are unique, but so is their audience. People take this for granted and think there is a NORMAL on YouTube that they should be seeking, and sometimes they are too hard on themselves because they are comparing their channel to someone else as a creator.

Even channels in the same genre, don't attract the same audience and don't connect with people in the same way because YouTube offers viewers a choice.

Work with Roberto Blake, YouTube Certified Expert on Growing Your Channel

Some of the common challenges that creators are unhappy with are:

  • Not feeling they are growing fast enough
  • Growth has slowed or become stagnant
  • Lack of engagement in the comments section
  • Not getting enough audience retention on videos
  • Watch Time not meeting certain thresholds
  • View to Subscriber ratio seeming low 

What nobody seems to explain to creators is that not every age bracket in YouTube reacts the same way, so channels with young audiences tend to get higher views, more watch time, better view/subscriber ratios and grow subscribers faster.

YouTube creators with older audiences 18+ and especially 24-34 don't grow as quickly or have those stats because those audiences don't have enough free time to commit to channels, and there is more competing for their attention online, even outside of YouTube. These viewers often have careers of family obligations, which means their viewer pattern is different. If you consider the top performing channels on YouTube with 10 Million Subscribers, with few exceptions they cater to a young audience. 

Not every creator wants a young audience on YouTube, but that is the fastest potential pool of growth. If you want to monetize outside of YouTube, a smaller audience, that is older, can be more profitable long term.

What Are Your YouTube Goals?

Of course, every YouTube Creator has the goal of growing their channel with more views, subscribers, a higher view/subscriber ratio and more revenue.

What most YouTuber don't realize is how specific they need to get about these goals and that there are other things they should be considering that impact those goals.

  • Is it possible for you to produce more content? 
  • Are you using any tools to help your channel? Like Tubebuddy?
  • What are your revenue streams for your channel?
  • How much more revenue do you need to make a living from your channel?
  • What is "normal" for channels within your genre at your current level?

Many creators reach out for help around their channel with a specific focus on getting more views or growing their audience. However, if you are trying to do YouTube full-time, you may be overlooking opportunities to monetize the existing audience you have and diversify with multiple streams of income.

Asking for help in advice in generating more revenue from YouTube and your brand could make paying for a channel review or coaching worthwhile almost immediately since that advice pays for itself!

Why Getting More Subscribers Isn't a Guarantee 

A Channel Review doesn't guarantee your channel will grow.
If your coaching covers content strategy, that can help your channel more than anything else, but it will come down to how effective you are at executing that strategy, and how consistent you are. The bottom line, you will be in a better place than you were, but it will come down your hard work and talent as usual.

Subscribers don't work the way most YouTube Creators think because they often forget to think like a fan. It usually takes watching more than one video before you subscribe to a creator. When you subscribe it's because you want to support that creator and/or you want to watch more of their content specifically. 

What that means, is that if you don't have enough of the content that they came to the channel for, there isn't a reason for them to subscribe. If you aren't creating consistent content, like the content they just watched, or if they can't figure out if you do or not, there isn't a reason for them to subscribe. 

Many creators slow don their growth because they are making the content they enjoy most, and haven't considered that it may not match the content that gives them the most opportunity to grow. Getting a channel review or coaching can help you get advice on how to find the balance between the two, so you grow without burning out.

What You Should Expect From YouTube Educators

Each person who has an approach to helping others grow their channel has their own strengths and experiences, and you should pick someone to work with who you feel has a good track record, but also has a teaching style and personality that resonates with you.

Just because someone is knowledgeable or successful, doesn't mean that you will have the best experience with them as a teacher. A student and teacher relationship is built on trust and is also based on compatibility. With that said you should look for these things in whoever you choose to learn from:

Things to Expect From Any Coach, Consultant or Educator:

  • Thoughtful answers to questions
  • Questions about your audience and demographics
  • Critique of your branding and visual aesthetics
  • Referencing specific content and what you do well and should improve
  • Actionable advice that you can implement almost immediately
  • Tools and resources you should be using

Some Final Advice for YouTube Creators

YouTube is a vehicle, or a tool, not a destination or goal by itself. You may not feel that way right this moment because you want to feel like you're part of the community, but Creators like iJustine, Philip DeFranco, and The Vlog Brothers, have always used YouTube as a tool or vehicle, a means to an end, so they could have a voice and build a community. This allowed them to be successful beyond YouTube and be a force in the world outside of being internet personalities. If you put YouTube into perspective, you can have success beyond what you might imagine, but it also means having the right priorities. Hint: don't focus on being internet famous or an overnight success or going viral.



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