How Many YouTube Channels Have 100K Subscribers?

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How Many YouTube Channels Have Silver Play Buttons and 100K Subscribers?

As of February 2024 there are roughly 449,984 YouTube Channels with100K Subscribers (or more) and have earned Silver Play Button Awards on YouTube.

Given that there are over 100M YouTube Channels in the world this is less than 0.5% of all YouTube Channels that have 100K Subscribers and a Silver Play Button.

However, some people only count "active channels" and according to popular YouTube tracking site Social Blade, this number would be closer to their being 67M YouTube Channels globally. If you use this measurement it still means that there are less than 0.7% of channels in the world with 100,000 Subscribers and a Silver Play Button.

India has the most Silver Play Buttons in the World with 86,102 Silver Play Button Channels.

There are 65,687 YouTube Channels in the United States with 100,000 Subscribers and a Silver Play Button Award.

Brazil has the third largest number of YouTube Silver Play Button Awards with 22,522 Silver Play Button Awards.

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Sources: Playboard.Co, SocialBlade, Statista

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